About us

The LĒN.brand was created in 2022.
We are based in Texas, Dallas.
LĒN.brand is linen clothing. We introduce a premium quality capsule wardrobe made of 100% linen designed in a relaxed fit and silhoutte.
Our clothes are made of high quality and natural fabrics creating that comfortable feeling that stays with you all day long.
Linen is such a wonderful fiber.
It has its own energy and if you try it once, you will always come back to it.

What do we use to make our clothes?
We use a softened linen.
Linen is a natural material that can be harsh for sensitive skin if not softened.
Our linen fabrics are processed with specific organic enzymes to become softened before they are used for clothing.
After such processing our fabrics become soft and don't irritate skin.
And one more thing! The longer you wear linen clothing, the softer it becomes.
Sustainability is what makes our linen clothing different from others.
Linen is hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbent and breathable.
Our comfortable shapes and breathable fabrics are what makes our clothing an ideal choice to wear it at home or on vacations.
Our clothing is an ideal choice for travelling or spending time in the city.
Today linen is becoming more and more popular because it goes along with sustainability trends.
Some people avoid linen because it is not wrinkle-free. But those who really understand its value know that wrinkles on the fabric add some charm of being carefree and easy-going and make a woman more feminine and natural.

Eco-sustainability for us is not just a trendy word. It's a part of our LEN. brand philosophy. All our materials are inspected thoroughly and don't do harm to our planet.
We care about you and our eco-system, LĒN.brand